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Comprehensive Pet Wellness Solutions in Saint John

At Fundy Animal Hospital, we don’t just treat sick animals. Our veterinary professionals strongly believe in preventative care techniques through regular wellness exams. Routine exams help in better diagnosis and accurate care. Besides regular examinations, we also provide medical consultations to investigate and treat various diseases and illness. You can rely on our nutritional planning and counselling services for better pet care.

Annual Examinations

Annual examinations are necessary to determine or maintain your pet’s health. During a routine physical exam, we review:


Heart and lungs for abnormalities

Eyes and ears for ulcers and other infections

Teeth and gums for dental problems

Skin and coat for hair loss, lumps, dry skin and more

Abdomen for pain or unusual lumps

Urogenital area for bleeding or physical changes

Limbs and feet for muscle changes or signs of arthritis

Everyday habits related to housing and nutrition

In addition, we also perform a vaccine risk assessment to determine the necessity of vaccination.

Preventative Medicine

We continuously strive to keep your pets healthy throughout the year with our full range of preventative medicine services such as:


Wellness testing


Nutritional counseling

Puppy and kitten first appointments

Veterinary Products

We also carry a wide range of products to suit any life stage or specific requirements. To promote pet health, we offer:


Veterinary Prescription Diet Foods

Parasite Control Products and Treatments for:




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Wellness Examinations for Pets

We provide effective medical consultations for a better and speedy recovery.

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