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About Fundy Animal Hospital

Fundy Animal Hospital is an established business and has been practicing for over 30 years in the community. Our customers’ positive feedback has verified our reputation of being welcoming and friendly. We are committed to:


Working with clients to meet their needs

Informing clients so that they are able to actively participate in decisions about their pet’s treatment

Friendly service and excellent quality veterinary care

Providing personal and familiar attention to all pets and owners

At our clinic, each client receives personalized attention. You can expect full disclosure about your pet’s health. Also, we stress on giving ample time and information you need to make any decisions about your pet’s care. Clients are actively consulted and involved as part of their pet’s “medical team”.

Why Choose Us?

We provide quality veterinary service to everyone in Saint John and the surrounding areas. We offer in-house diagnostics, which means faster diagnosis, proper treatment and continuous care for your pets. Our services are provided efficiently and within a reasonable period. We are different from other animal hospitals because we practice homeopathic care. We are interested in less invasive alternatives for treating your pets.


We are centrally located for your convenience and have on-call emergency coverage available outside regular office hours. Veterinary prescription diet and parasite control treatments are also for sale in the office.

Our Team

We have a wonderful team of veterinarians who provide medical and surgical care to small animals in a progressive and compassionate way. Dr. Adrian Tompkins also provides homeopathic care to your furry family members. Our team includes:


Adrian Tompkins DVM, CVH

Natalie Dow DVM

Ashley Nolan-Breen DVM

Lydia Salgado DVM

Our Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVTs) or “Techs” are responsible for the day-to-day in-hospital care of your fur-friends and would be like an RN in people medicine. Don’t forget to thank them during the Veterinary Technician month in October. Our wonderful techs are Tash, Mandy, Rebekah, Taylor and Deb.


Jade and Stacy are our Veterinary Assistants who wear many hats. They provide support to all areas of the clinic by helping the vets, backing up the techs and working with the front-office staff daily.


Our Front-office Staff or Customer Service Experts will be the first people you meet when you walk into the clinic or talk to when you call us on the phone. They are the best at making sure all our pet-parents feel confident when they arrive and happy when they leave. These wonderful ladies are Lani, Kelly, Carissa and Patti.


Wrapping up the team is Carrie, our Practice Manager. She oversees and supports the people and operations management of the clinic, with the goal of ensuring that everyone, including staff, walks out of the clinic happy at the end of the day.


Contact us for further details.

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